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Windows Phone 7 release dates announced with a demo video online!

Large touchscreen with a rolling interface and "Live" integration to the web.

Search via voice-web connections, instantly upload to social sites, access music and video libraries, online picture folders at your fingertips, 3D gaming ......... and more!

if you have an hour to watch the press release demo!



Columbus Day!

Say or think whatever you like, but the voyage to find the "New World" changed things forever.

The Santa María, Pinta and Niña sailed west into discovery. What they found changed the infuence of the Spanish in the Western Hemisphere and set into motion what we see today.

See some information on Cristóbal Colón here.

     - a new website under development!

The web is moving into some interesting new directions. Web sites are diverse and extreme. We can learn and explore at will and we can use a huge amout of time just meandering around and finding areas that suit our fancy.

What are the innovations of the furture and what will the web look like in a few years. Will we have buttons on our clothes or a folded touchscreen in our back pocket? Whatever happens we will be there. 

We will provide some of the creative and self-directed content. And we will have some fun.

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